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Night Using Adult Toys

After over 10 years of the same kind of sex with the same person, I got tired of doing it. I didn’t want to tell my husband that I was getting sick and tired of doing missionary position all the time, so I decided to introduce something to him. I went out and purchased adult toys, and he about flipped his lid when I showed him what I had in my little goodie bag. I told him what each toy does and told him to at least let me get through the presentation before he decided to say no.

The different sex toys Wild Secrets that I purchased were both going to help stimulate him and I in the bedroom in one way or another. I’ve never been one to bring in external things to pleasure myself, much more to pleasure my husband, but I knew something had to change. We both were not adventurous, so adult toys were exactly what we needed. He seemed to be open-minded about using the adult toys, so I started unpacking them, and we were able to get busy that night.

One of the adult toys that I purchased nearly sent me through the roof, and I never had an orgasm so powerful, even when I had the best sex with my husband. He seemed to love how it made me feel, so he decided to use one of the adult toys on himself, and he also had an amazing orgasm. I have to say that the night where we chose to use different toys on one another was one of the best nights in our bedroom that we’ve ever had, and we plan on sharing many more nights like that together.

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